8 Reasons why CoolSculpting is our Favorite Body Contouring Treatment

At Valley Dermatology, we are all about safe, comfortable and effective treatments. That’s why we chose to offer CoolSculpting® at our office.

CoolSculpting® is the brand name for a fat-freezing method called cryolipolysis. 

Using an FDA cleared device, we can sculpt your body and reveal a firm and toned shape hidden underneath layers of fat or loose skin.

This blog explains our favorite features of this innovative body contouring treatment.

1. It’s Pain Free

Some clients are weary about receiving this treatment because they don’t know what it feels like. Once you’re in the chair, you’ll feel the cold produced by the CoolSculpting® device, a gentle tugging as localized fat is broken up and eventually you won’t feel a thing!

2. It’s Safe

Studies show that cryolipolysis (fat freezing) is safe and effective. Over seven million treatments have been performed worldwide with no reports of significant side effects.

3. It Can Treat Virtually Any Part of Your Body

CoolSculpting is an FDA cleared device for the safe and effective reduction of abdominal, flank fat, thighs, upper arms, back fat, bra fat, and posterior fat, but it can help virtually any part of your body. 

We love this treatment for those pesky and abnormal trouble areas. 

Because of the way the CoolSculpting device is shaped, we can target small areas like behind your knees, under your chin or near your bra strap line.

CoolSculpting Spokane

4. It’s for Almost Anyone

Chances are, you’re a great candidate for this treatment. The only medical conditions that may make you ineligible for CoolSculpting are rare conditions which make your body extremely sensitive to cold.

5. It Can Reduce Localized Fat Deposits by 25%

These results are obvious. On average, a single treatment removes 25% of localized fat stores. Many clients opt for more than one treatment to get their desired results, but the effectiveness is considerable.

6. It Only Targets Fat Cells

Unlike liposuction, CoolSculpting won’t reduce fat and liquid in your body. The device targets fat cells exclusively and the results are more permanent. 

This also means there is no risk of damaging surrounding tissue during treatment.

7. There’s no Downtime 

There is no downtime after this body sculpting treatment. You can go straight back to your daily routine.

Depending on the area being treated, you can expect your treatment to be over in 35 to 60 minutes and expect no swelling. The results are visible as soon as your body’s immune system has eliminated the dead fat cells. This can be as few as four weeks!

8. CoolSculpting® is Completely Discreet

Nobody has to know you’ve received treatment. There are no scars, no downtime and the results aren’t drastically immediate. It will seem as if you’ve eliminated the fat store just as you would have with diet and exercise.

Learn More About Body Sculpting Today

If you’re ready to treat those trouble areas and boost your self-confidence, body sculpting may be just the treatment for you. Schedule a consultation at the link below!


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