Meet Ali Maxfield


One thing I think makes me unique for this practice is that I actually was a medical assistant and I worked here before I went to PA school.
My name is Ali Maxfield and I’m a Physician’s Assistant at Valley dermatology and skin cancer center.
I was really interested in helping people and I have a lot of family members who are in the medical field and so throughout my childhood going to doctors office and stuff like that i realize that the medical field is really the best way to help serve patients and people in general so that’s kind of why I chose the path of becoming a PA.
What I’m most passionate about … I do really like helping people and serving people and building relationships with patients and I’m passionate about skin diseases and being able to educate people with the disease process and helping people with treatments.
Most specifically in Dermatology I really have a passion for helping find skin cancers and treating those as well. I actually work with Dr. Smith on most closures. He is the surgeon so he takes out the skin cancer but I will help close the area once the skin cancers are out, so I’m really passionate about that as well.
I love spending time with my family. We just got a new house, so I’m really getting into gardening. I just love being outside, also. Whether that be hiking, golfing or skiing in the winter, I just love being outside.
I played collegiate soccer at Washington State University. GO COUGS. So, that’s one thing that I think has made me unique. I also played, at the time it was professionally, for the White Caps up in Vancouver, Canada.
You can get on my schedule ebay calling Valley Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center. I can’t wait to meet you.