Meet ARNP Paul Hill

My mother and my grandmother did the same thing and they had talked to me about possibly pursuing this. And when I got into the field I actually enjoyed it immensely and decided that it was probably the right career decision.

My name is Paul Hill and I’m a Nurse Practitioner.

Pretty straightforward person. I believe in respect, honesty, doing things correctly the first time.

My father was in the air force, so we traveled a lot when I was young. I was overseas in Germany and other airforce bases but he retired in Fairchild, here, when I was in the 4th grade. I’ve pretty much grown up here since then.

I love to snow ski. I love to golf. I like to wakeboard. So, a lot of outside activities.

I enjoy doing that with. my friends and my family. In fact, you know, my sons are usually with me when I do these activities all the time and it’s been really beneficial for our family to do it together, so, it’s good.

I enjoy doing procedure, procedural aspects. I enjoy doing surgeries. I enjoy doing injectables, but I also like the medical decision-making process because it can be challenging and I enjoy challenges.

The best way that you can get an appointment with me is to call the office, speak to our schedulers and they’ll do a very good job of getting you on the schedule as soon as available.