What are Skin Identical Ingredients?

Your skin is great at what it does!

And it knows what it’s doing. Your skin knows how to lock in moisture and protect you from bacteria, viruses and anything else (including water pollutants) that touches it.

For someone with allergies or sensitive skin, however, your experience may be different; your skin has lost its ‘touch’, so to speak. It can be incredibly frustrating, painful and embarrassing to cope with sensitive skin or allergic skin reactions.

You might have experimented with ‘clean’ skincare in the past to cope with sensitive skin or allergies. While these products include beautiful ingredients, they may lack the clinically proven active ingredients that have enormous benefits for sensitive skin.

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When you understand the physiology of your skin, you have a much better chance of having calm, radiant skin. This post explains how you can help and heal your skin barrier with skin identical ingredients.

What are skin identical ingredients?

Skin Identical ingredients are a specific set of ingredients that are found naturally in your skin. They, therefore, mimic the composition of your natural skin barrier. When you include these ingredients in your skincare routine, you aid your skin’s natural function with compounds it recognizes and needs.

There are three types of ingredients that are most helpful for the outermost layer of your skin, especially dry skin.

  1. Fatty Acids
  2. Ceramides (lipids)
  3. Cholesterol

Underneath the top later, you’ll find humectants (moisture retaining) and building block ingredients like:

  1. Hyaluronic acid
  2. Glycerin
  3. Lecithin
  4. Amino Acids (Proteins like collagen*)

*Read our blog on how to stimulate collagen production, here!

Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are found in all natural oils, butters and waxes. This is why washing with an oil based cleanser is critical for dry, sensitive skin. We’re replenishing much of what our skin barrier lacks with skincare products that include fatty acids.

If you need an extra dose of protection, facial oils are full of fatty acids.

If you’re looking for a serum, we recommend Skinbetter’s Alto Defense Serum.


Ceramides (lipids) are a class of fatty acids that make up about 50% of the skin barrier. Healthy skin contains loads of ceramides.

Don’t skip looking for these important fatty acids in your skincare products!


Good cholesterol is essential for healthy, glowing skin.

If you need a kick start to rebalance your skin’s barrier, check out Skinbetter’s Trio rebalancing moisture treatment, here.


If you suffer from skin allergies, your skin is hyper-reacting to a substance it’s categorized as a threat. Skin identical ingredients supplement your skin barrier with protective ingredients that don’t overreact to the ‘threatening’ substance.

Think of it as a healthy line of defense between the substance and your natural line of defense.

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